By Jara Michael Jones
call me yesterday
absolve me of my naturalness
and grind me into memories...
till i become a subject left for bored and listless students
for raptured teachers set upon my life
as clues for something greater
something strange
or something sad
let them misinterpret
let them mispronounce my name
for i am still
i would like to think i'm something
for right now i'm just a student
not the subject
not the idol
not the myth that people suck their teeth and curse my name upon
i can and could be anything
an icon
the man who took your little boy away
says the six 'o clock news
the tired little nothing who makes a little mistake and
cripples centuries
who can tell -
as of now
i'm just a little carbon box
a catalyst for brimming energy
just mitochondria
* * *