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The Secret World of Alex Mack

By Allie

                Alex has secret powers and has to keep it to her self. Her family and she go on a camping trip out in the desert. The FBI comes after her and starts to wonder about her. So she makes a UFO and accidentally drives them into a ditch. Then saves them from a flash flood.

Monster hunters

By: Allison

 I think my book report was cool because there was this girl that thought that her aunt was a witch. The little girl’s name is Darcie. Her aunt’s name is Aunt Elenora Boyce or as Darcie calls her, Aunt Elenora.  I think you will like this book because it is a mystery. It takes place in Salem Village, Massachusetts.  A lot of strange things were happening around town, like the phone lines were cut.  You would really like the book!

Skateboard tough



This is a story off a boy named Brent when he finds a skateboard buried in his back yard. His whole life changes into reality. I think you will like this book because it’s a story of a magic skateboard with magic powers you can do all kinds of tricks on the board. It’s a great mystery and adventure book and fellow skateboarders it’s a good book for learning new tricks

Mermaids Don’t Run Track

By, Mikha

                I liked this book because it was my favorite. Mrs. Waterford is a mermaid. She went back into the water. A kid saw a splash and it was Mrs. Waterford. It was a good book.


The Great Ice Battle

By Nathan

This book is cool because it has people cool and weird. Like Eric, Neal, Julie, Galen, Max, Sparr, Nins, Keeah, King Zello.  You should read this book.  It was morning and Eric was cold even though it was sunny. Sparr wanted to use a spell with ice. Sparr barged in and battled Princess Keeah in the palace.

Follow That Bus

Book Report by Ryan

                This book is really funny it is when two robbers hit a school bus and run away.


The Melted Coins

By: Frank W. Dixon.

Report By: Connor.

                Frank, Joe, & Chet went to Yellow Springs after their dad got a call saying Indian masks are being stolen .On the way to Yellow Springs they investigate Zoar College.

The Ghost at Skeleton Rock

By David

            This book is about four boys and one girl. The beginning starts out as two people got into a car and went to a gypsy and then the gypsy takes their fortune. It is an awesome book

The Mystery of Crocodile Island

By Jen

 When they were on the island they saw a dog named Efee, then Efee dug up a pistle.  Then Nancy and George were bit by mosquitoes and they ran into the water.  When they saw the boat they climbed into the boat, with Bess and Danny.     I liked this book because I like animals.


  The Case of the Dead Eagle

By Jessicca

I like this book because it has different mystery’s .I also like this book because I think it has good sentences .Also I like this book because I like the characters. If you want to know the characters they are Encyclopedia , Chief brown , Charlie , Mike Bailey , Dave Foster , Bugs Meany , Sally Kimball , Lois , Hilda .What I mostly like about this story is the copy right .

City In The Clouds

By Kaitlin

This book is good because it is about Spar an enemy of Droon. First Neal turns into a bug .Then some kids go to Droon. They find out that Spar is going to steal some diamonds from Droon. You should read it.

The Panda Puzzle

 By Elaine

Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose were on there way to the zoo.  They wanted to see the new baby panda.  When they got there people were standing all around the fence.  There were there people standing near the fence with an announcer.   The people’s names are Flip, Irean and tom. 

The Mystery of the Dog Show

By, J.Alex

Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny with their friend, Caryn, go to a dog show and they see that someone is trying to mess up the dog show! It is up to the Alden’s to solve the mystery! It is a great mystery book!  

The Doll House Murder

By Sarah

This book is about a girl named Amy.  She went to her Aunt's house to take a break from her sister Louanna. Well she was there she discovered  some thing that would change her life for ever. I love this book and so will you.

The Mystery at the Dog Show

By Mckayla

The First Annual Greenfield Dog Show is happening at the Greenfield Center. But some strange things are going on. For instance Curly {a dog at the Dog Show} got shaved pinstripes. And after can’t run in the Dog Show! But soon the people find out that it was Mr. Burger who shaved Curly in stripes! After that the judges disqualified him. I really think you’d really like the book!


Extreme Mysteries: Deep Powder, Deep Trouble

By Tulleigh

 This book is about three friends that love to snowboard. There’s Jamil Smith he’s obviously the best boarder of the group. It’s because his dad owns Hoke Valley Ski Resort. Then there’s Nattily Wittmore (Nat) she’s the best at mountain biking she can snowboard to. And we don’t want to forget Kevin Shultz he’s really talented he can sport climb, skateboard, dirt bike, and snowboard with extreme skill. I like this book and so will you



They have to find the eye. They go to a volcano palace. There names are Eric Julie and Neal and keeah. I liked the book it, was the coolest book to me. I think other people will like it

Take Care of Dexter

By Bradley

Dexter is a horse. I liked this book because it was exciting. I didn’t know what was going to happen to Dexter. At the end Alex, Dexter’s owner, went back to the circus and came back for Dexter to take him home. 


By  Abby

This book is one of the secrets of droon books. It  has a princess named Keeah.and bad guy named Sparr. They helped ghosts fight skeletons. The ghosts won and every one lived happiely ever after.

Say Cheese Goosebumps

By Seith

                This book is about Goosebumps. Greg, Shari and Bird, Joey and Mickey all go into this haunted house. When they explore the house they keep finding scary things like bones.  They went in the back yard and saw four skeleton people. The skeletons were having a cook out. Then the skeleton disappeared Bird felt something scary and cold run across his shoulder. He yelled and ran into the house. Then he tripped and he saw a key. He saw a trap door, they unlocked the door and went down. The kids saw scary eyes and then the kids disappeared and no one ever saw them aagain.


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