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Enjoy these Ladybug Poems below!

Ladybug Poem Jordan T.

Ladybugs shoot stink spray

So you better just stay away

They make their pupae’s on a leaf

By the way they have no teeth

Aphids are the special tonight

So come on in and take a bite


Ladybug Poem by Elizabeth

Ladybugs are very sweet

They spray a liquid from their feet

Ladybugs are so funny

When they show their little tummy

Ladybugs are really cute

But when I get near them I say shoot


Ladybug Poem by Sam

Ladybug, ladybug why do you stink?

Is it because you squirt yellow ink?

Ladybug, ladybug, why do you mate?

Is it because you need to hibernate?

Ladybug, ladybug, why do you have seven spots?

Is it because you like black dots?


Ladybug Poem by CJ

Ladybugs are small

Let us have a ball

Let’s go around

Have a night in town

Tag, you’re it

Hey, don’t have a fit


Ladybug Poem by Emily Br

Ladybug, Ladybug, you fly up high

Ladybug, ladybug you can touch the sky

Ladybug you fly with your wings

Your wings are such beautiful things

You eat aphids, 50 a day

They are your prey


Ladybug Poem by Mike

Ladybug, ladybug your wings are red

Ladybug, ladybug you have a black head

Ladybug, ladybug you eat 50 aphids a day

Ladybug, ladybug you mate in May

Ladybug, ladybug why do you stink?

Is it because you squirt yellow ink?


Ladybug Poem by Meagan

Ladybugs eat aphids – 50 a day,

They are their prey.

When winter comes they hibernate,

And then in the spring they mate.

The ladybug female lays the eggs,

And squirt comes out of their legs,

Ladybugs are really great,

I wish I could have eight.


Ladybug Poem by Emily Ber

Ladybugs lay icky yellow eggs

They squirt a stink liquid from their legs

Ladybugs have insy, binsy little antennas

That smell yummy, yummy food very well

Ladybug has sharp claws and big jaws!


Ladybug Poem by Jordan S.

Ladybugs hibernate

But they stay in the state

Ladybugs have six legs

They lay sticky yellow eggs

Ladybugs are really small

Once they climbed up my wall


Ladybug Poem by Olivia

Ladybugs can cling

But Ladybugs can’t sing

They squirt a stinky liquid

That smells like a squid

Those beautiful bugs have 6 dots

And they have six legs that move lots


Ladybug Poem by Taylor

Ladybug crawling all around

They fly above the ground

They mate in the spring

But they can’t sing

They live in a tree

And hope not to get stung by a bee


Ladybug Poem by Owen

Ladybug, ladybug all helpful and red

Whenever birds come you play dead

If they don’t leave you spray some goo

Then they fly away from you

When you get back up you lay eggs

When they hatch they have 6 legs  


Ladybug Poem by Brandon

Ladybugs are really called ladybird beetles

But he doesn’t have a needle

Ladybugs have 7 dots on the back of their wings

But they look poisoning

Ladybugs are red and black

With a crack on their back

Ladybugs don’t sing

But they have pretty wings

We know spring is near

When ladybugs are here

Bugs, bugs, bugs everywhere

Ladybugs in your hair


Ladybug Poem by Noah

Ladybug, ladybugs lay sticky, yellow eggs

They all have six black small, small legs

Then when they get old they turn red with black dots

Ladybugs can eat 50 aphids a day, to me that’s lots

They hibernate all winter inside a tree

They are very, very awesome bugs can’t you see


Ladybug Poem by Jade

Ladybugs are yellow before turning red

They have antennae on their head

In winter they hibernate

When spring comes, they mate

They lay sticky yellow eggs

And they have six legs


Ladybug Poem by Kevin

Ladybugs hibernate in a tree

I wish I could see

They roll over and squirt a stinky water

Just like an otter

Ladybugs lay sticky yellow eggs on a leaf

Good grief.


Ladybug Poem by Mekdes

With their antennae, ladybugs smell food

Each lay 50 aphids they have chewed

Ladybugs have sticky yellow eggs

Ladybugs have 6 legs

Ladybugs are yellow before red

Ladybugs go into trees to bed!


Ladybug Poem by Chris

Ladybugs, ladybugs they’re very nice

Ladybugs, ladybugs they spray you with rice

Ladybugs, ladybugs they have 6 legs

Ladybugs, ladybugs they lay many eggs

Ladybugs, ladybugs fly away

Ladybugs, ladybugs have a good day!


Ladybug Poem by Rigel

Ladybugs, ladybug, you crawl really fast

Ladybug, you are a blast to last

You have sharp claws

Also some pointy jaws

You have 6 sticky legs

Also, sticky yellow eggs!


Ladybug Poem by Greg

Ladybug, ladybug you are the best

Inside a tree is where you nest

Ladybugs fly with their two air of wings

You look like the top of a ring

Ladybugs are in a cocoon for over a week

A yellow substance they leak!!


Ladybug Poem by Brandon H.

Ladybug, ladybug, you are so cool

You make people stare because you’re so beautiful

From the time you change like a butterfly

To see you fly makes the sky look so wonderful.

Everything I see reminds me of your color

Ladybug to see you is so cool

Beautiful and wonderful!


Ladybug Poem by John

Ladybugs are friendly

Pat them gently

They have sticky claws

And very small jaws

Most are red and black

Spot are all down their backs!!

Class from 2005-2006

Ladybug Poem
By Samantha
In the winter they hibernate. 
In the spring they mate.
They catch aphids with their claws.
And eat with their jaws.
They have six legs.
And have soft yellow sticky eggs.

Ladybug Poem

By Andrew

Ladybug you have lovely black spots

You have 7 dots

You roll over and play dead

You have 2 antennaes on your head

You have 4 wings

Your eggs hatch in the spring

Ladybug  Poem
 By Damian
Lady bug, Lady bug red  and  black.
After  the  winter you  always  come back.
Ladybug, Ladybug  black and red
In the winter, where is your bed?
Sometime you crawl and sometimes you fly
Way up high up the wall and through the air.

Ladybug Poem
By Nicole 
Ladybug, Ladybug you are sogreat
Fifty aphids each day you ate
In spring when you find a mate
You lay your eggs on leaves, witch aphids hate
Oh yuck what is coming out of your feet?
Stinky yellow liquid oh isn’t that neat
That awful liquid makes you taste not sweet
Now the birds won’t eat you as a treat
Your antennae are between your eyes
Oh wow you are so wise
It is time now to say our goodbyes
To the little ladybug of the right size  

Ladybug Poem

By, Joe

Ladybug ladybug it’s great you have a defense

Ladybug ladybug you crawl on a fence.

Ladybug ladybug you’re so cool.

Ladybug ladybug you’re like a butterfly.

Ladybug ladybug you’re so great.

Ladybug ladybug bye bye.

Ladybug Poem

By, Leroy

Ladybug you’re so good

Ladybug, your hood

Covers your wings

In the winter you hibernate

In the spring you mate

Ladybug Poem

By, Travis

Ladydug you are cool.

You have 7 spots

You are a beetle.

You have 6 legs

You rollover and play dead

You squirt a stinky yellow liquid


Ladybug   Poem

By   Austin

Oh ladybug you are so red

Your  tree  is  a  bed

You mate in the spring

Then you come out of your cocoon and sing

You are my good luck charm

When I see you crawling up my arm



Lady bug Poem

By Derek

Lady bug lady bug you’re so nice

Your stinky liquid is a good device

Lady bug lady bug you’re the best

You like to sleep in your nest

Lady bug ladybug you’re so mellow

When you are born ,you are so yellow

Lady bug poem

By Ernie 

Fe fi fo fum oh ladybug you’re the one

You made that silly bird run

You sleep in a tree this is called hibernate

In the spring and then you find a mate

Ladybug is red and black

Is the size of a thumbtack

 Ladybug Poem

By Jack

In the winter you hibernate,

In the spring they mate,

Your body is so cool , you spotted little thing.

You have two sets of wings,

And I think that rules,

Today I studied about you at school.

Ladybug Poem

by JD

Ladybug ladybug you’re really, really kind.

Your 7 spots blow my mind.

Lady bug ladybug your body’s so red.

Lady bug ladybug you have a thorax, abdomen and head.

Lady bug ladybug you hide together in a tree.

Lady bug ladybug your wings make you free.


Ladybug Poem

By Joshua

Tiny little friend

Let me just say,

You play an important role everyday,

To keep the bad aphids away,

We thank you for your good today,

Never go away!

  • Ladybug Poem
  • By, Katlyn

    Ladybug’s also called ladybird beetles,how great!

    Lady beetles adults have very characteristic oval body shapes.

    Like many brightly colored insects, ladybugs have a bad taste you see,

    When bothered they might secrete an odorous distasteful fluid

    Out of their joints to discourage enemies.

    The original Maine ladybug has seven spots

    The ladybug hibernates in the winter, in a tree

    Ladybug, Poem

    By Mena

    Ladybug, ladybug lovely ladybug

    Your red shell is covered with spots 7 dots

    Ladybug ,ladybug why are you so mellow

    Maybe because your eggs are sticky and yellow.

    Ladybug, ladybug I think that when you hibernate

    It is great!

    Ladybug ,ladybug I think it’s cool

    That I can find you at my school!

    Ladybug Poem

    By Michaela

    Ladybug, Ladybug you eat 50 aphids a day;

    Ladybug you lay 500 eggs in May.

    Ladybug when you hatch you are yellow,

    Ladybug you squirt goo you crazy fellow.

    Ladybug you play dead,

    Ladybug you have a small head.

    Lady bug Poem

    By Robbie

    Lady bug ho lady bug red body and spots of black,

    Seven days until you hatch,

    Pop out soft and end up with a hard shell

    Roll over lay dead

    Ladybug, oh ladybug, you live in a tree

    You hide from the woodpecker so he can’t see

    Ladybug poem

    By Shane

    Ladybug Ladybug you are so cool

    When you roll over you are a good fool

    You squirt a yellow liquid that smells

    It puts a bird under a spell

    A Ladybug they have seven spots

    Eggs you lay lots and lots.

    Ladybug Poem


    Ladybug Ladybug you’re so fine,

    You’re seven spots blow my mine,

    You’re wings are oh so red,

    There are two antennaes on your head

    I love the way you mate

    Wait until next winter to hibernate!

    Ladybug poem

    By Victoria

    Lady bug Lady bug you’re so great.

    You love to eat aphids with claws and gaws

    You play dead really good

    You curl upwith friends and sleep

    You love to mate

    You can eat lots of aphids


    Ladybug Poem
    By, MacKenzie

    Ladybugs eat aphids up to 50 in one day.

    Aphids run away when hungry ladybug is close.

    Different colors and different spots for each ladybug.

    Young larva eat and eat and become strong and healthy to become a Pupa.

    Birds try to eat them but they trick them with a nasty odor and plying dead.

    Under the hard cover are the clear flying wings.

    Going into trees to hibernate is what the ladybug does.


    Ladybug Poem
    By, Cody

    Ladybugs have six legs.

    They lay yellow sticky eggs.

    They are red with spots of black.

    When a bird comes they play dead on their backs.

    Their hard shell is like a shield.

    It protects them when they are in a field.

    Ladybug have tow pairs of wings.

    But don’t worry because they don’t sting.

    Ladybug Poem
    By, Cheyanne 

    When they hatch tiny black larva come out.

    When they are little they move all about.

    As a ladybug grows it sheds to tight skin.

    That is where it all begins.

    They gather together until the weather is warm.

    Hopefully there will not be a STORM.

    In the spring the male and female ladybugs mate.

    Hopefully the eggs won’t be late.


    Copyright Windham School Department