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GEOGRAPHY (Back to top)
World Biomes
Discovery School Geography Lessons

Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Kids @
Mapblast! BlastOff
***Your Child Learns-Free interactive on-line Maps and puzzles
***Your Child Learns- USA interactive map
Map Machine: Resources @
1997 World Factbook
GeoNet Game
GeoNet Maps
National Geographic Family Challenge
50 States
Enchanted Learning Geography
Great American Speeches
Underground Railroad
Yahoo Countries
FunBrain--Eduplace ---Great game
World Clock-times around the world
Chiba, Japan
Great Atlas
****States and Capitals Online Maps---nice matching
****Maps Games-a variety of interactive maps matching and locating places
****Times Around the World
Map Machine
Habitat Game
Earth Cam for Kids
Temperate Forest Biome Field Trip
Map Interactive Quiz-Pick a country or continent
Longitude and Latitude Lines- Mapquest
Longitude and Latitude Lines- World Atlas
Longitude and Latitude Lines of States to look up
Longitude and Latitude Convergence Project
Classzone-visual of the earth spining
My Wonderful World- Energy
Animated view of the earth revolving around the sun
***Earth View- awesome- shows the shadow for night and day!!
Maine Aerial MAp

SCIENCE (Back to top)

Water cycle- Teacher tube- very clever!
Foss WebQuests
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Sandlot Science Optical Ilusions
Ocean Planet
Extreme Science Home Page
UCSB Geology - Welcome
Iditarod Sled Dog Race Official 1999 Website
ScienzFair Index
Extreme Science
Museum of Science
Weather Channel
Cell Links
Food Chain- build a chain an  interactive site-EcoKids
Video of Eagles feeding on lake-
Food Chain Game
Fun with Food Webs-3 differnt biomes
Food Chains-  woodlands
Food webs- Scholastic
Food Web- Eduweb
Food Chain movie
Food chain- working on the food chain
Food Chain- kid's planet-young
Food web- BBC- really good-drag and drop into web--
Antarctica Food Web- good
Crickweb- food chain
Food Webs-Gould League-4 different interactive
Food Chains-
Prey and Predators- Pennsylvania State Interactive

Food Webs- the Adventures of Science Bob
Food Webs- KidsConnect
Food Webs- Natioanl Geographic-Brain Pop Video
Food Webs- National Wildlife Foundation-Ranger Rick
Connect the Dots- Food Webs- Museum of Natural Science
Build 3 food chains- Harcourtbrace Interactive
Food chains- EcoKids build a chain- cute
Food chains- VTaide-great description of th elevels and at the botton click on interactive sites
Brainpop- food chains
AMNH- Ask a Scientist-cool topics- interesting
Weather Watch- Scholastic interactive weather maker
Solids, Liquid, Gas- Harcourt visual
Wildlife Fund Videos -Under One Sky, Beneath the Waves

The Body
Human Anatomy Online
Kid's Human Body -Discovery
Body Quiz
Interactive body website
The Virtual Body
How the Body Works-bones
Put the body Together- HarcourtSchool
How the Body Works-muscles

Simple Machines(Back to Top)
Essence of Simple Machines
Simple Machines
Gadget Anatomy-Simple Machines
Edheads-Simple Machines
History of Inventions
MI Kids- Simple Machines
Enchanted Learning- Levers

Rocks and Minerals (Back to Top)
Our Class Rock WebQuest
Rocks and Minerals see categories and examples of each kind of rock
Mineralogical Society -types of rocks and the rock cycle
Rockhound's Page -great quiz, animations, volcano and rock types
Minerals Close-up
Rock Pictures
Rock Song
Geo-Mysteries-the FAQ's moh's hardness scale
Continental Drift Quiz
Plate tectonics-continental drift
Rock Song-our class song- downloads slow
Rock Cycle-windows to the Universe
Name the Rock- Thinkquest Game

INSECTS (Back to Top)
Insect Web Quest
Insectclopedia-go to Butterflies A-Z-Butterfly Cam
Butterfly WebSite
Butterfly Tracking Migration
Maine Butterflies
Iowa University Insect Gallery
Virtual Museum-video clips
Kidzone-beautiful life cycle pics

ANIMALS (Back to Top)

Windham Land Trust's Web Page
Windham Land Trust- Guess My Animal
Windham Land Trust- Animal Scramble and Word Search
Windham Land Trust Artwork
Windham Land Trust Artwork 08 Winners
Maine birds-crossword puzzle
Maine Animals Crossword Puzzle
Maine Animals Crossword Puzzle 2
Maine Animals Crossword Puzzle 09
Maine Animals Crossword Puzzle 09 A
Wild Sanctuary, Inc.

SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database
Seaworld- Animal Bytes- click on the category(mammal, bird, fish etc. then go you animal
The Diatoms
Animal Life Cycles
Bird of the Week
Food Chain Game-interactive site
Webshots animals
Animals--Dead or Alive
World of Animals -Kidscom  Animal Games
Animal Sounds
National Geographic Animals -index
National Geographic Animals
Desert Animals
Colorado State Animal Site-regions and categories
Critter Creatures
Life As an Elk-audio story and a choose your own ending.
PBS Nature- excellent stuff-videos, puzzles, links!
Discovery What is a Mammal?
Enchanted Learning Animals-100's of animals and pages to print out
San Diego Zoo-animal categories and habitats
State of Maine Kids Page-Maine animals
Maine Animals- SAD 75 Website
Maine Fisheries and Wildlife Site
Maine Animal Links
Jungle Photos
Yahoo List of Animals
Falcon View Cam (seasonal)
Creature  World PBS

Beavers Back to top
Beaver Project Page
Beaver Management Site-great links to other animals
Twin Groves Virtual Wetlands-Beaver and many links..Excellent site
Canadian Beaver-includes movies
Wildlife Coloring pages and info
Beaver facts and great photos
The Beaver-great facts
Beaver Site
Another Beaver Site-Adventure, Wilderness
Beavers-lots of pictures
Beaver Site
Oregon Zoo
Toronto Zoo-movie clips
Beavers -Enchanted Learning
The Beaver-Canada's Emblem and History
Beaver Facts-Wildlife Index
Sign of the Beaver WebQuest
Beaver Facts
Beaver info
Beaver info- White Oak Society Learning
Beaver info BBC -nature
Beavers Ankn info
Beaver- Bear Tracker Site

Meet the Greens- interactive web site by PBS Kids
Museum of Natural Scienc- ology- Biodiversity
Museum of Natural Science- Food Web- interactive connect the dots
Polar Ice Melt NRDC-Natural Resources Defense Council
Wildlife Videos -Under One Sky, Beneath the Waves
Energy Vidoes- wind, nuclear, solar

CASTLES (Back to top)

The Castles of Wales
Kid's Castle-great tour of a castle
Castle Builder -WebQuest
National Geographic's Castle
Castles of Britian
Castles of Britain- Description of parts of the castle
Castles on the Web -lots of pictures
Discover Castles-sound and interactive
Medieval Castles
Ashford Castle
Blarney Castle-picture gallery and stories
Bunratty Castle
Duguaire Castle
King John's Castle
Dromoland Castle

MAINE STUDIES (Back to top) 

County Map- interactive practice!!!
Rotary Club of Windham, Maine, USA
Greater Windham Chamber of Commerce
Welcome to Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Write Your Representative - Lookup Representative
State of Maine, Office of the Governor
Kid's Page (Maine Secretary of State)
County Information-click on the counties in the drop down menu
Maine State Government Web Site
Maine Facts
Indian Township
American Indian Links
Maine Minerals
Passamaquoddy Indians
Weather in Maine
Portland Headlight

Maine Lighthouses
Lighthouses of Maine
Maine harbor Webcams
Maine Maritime List of Lighthouses -clickon the lighthouse link at the top of the page
Maine Lighthouse People
Maine Lighthouse Photos--very good!!!

Where's Molly- Governor King's Trip
Virtual Tour of Maine
Maine panoramic scenes
Maine Indians
Maine Governors
Grand Ole State of Maine
Indian Stories
Abbe Museum - Maine Indians
Windows on Maine- great history and other topics
Maine Aerial Map

MATH (Back to top)
ixl math
MAP practice NWEA-
Order of Operations- solve the equations
Decimals- online- put in order Great!!!
Print out flash cards!
Long site
Stop the Clock-telling time interactive site
Roman Numeral Conversions
Welcome To Rick Schauer's Math Pages
Math Goodies
Math Stories.Com
Science Center - Snowman Math
Math Family Fun
Mathsheet Creator
All About Fractions
Flashcards for Kids
Swarthmore Math Forum
Brain Teasers Eduplace
Eleven times 
Free Math Sheets
Funbrain Fractions
Harcourt Math Activities
King's List of Math
Welcome to Megamath
Rick's Math Web Page
Math Problem of the Week
Cool Math
Dositey Math Games
Math Year 2000
*****Multiplication Chart Practice-REALLY GREAT!!!!!
Mystery Math Game
Fraction Bar Math
NCTM-Math Standards Activities
Tangrams Story
Math -
3,2,1, Know-Interactive drill of all math areas
Math Quiz Hub -Interactive concentration of multiplication facts
Aplus Math- Multiplication Concentration
APlus Math -Flashcards-rounding, money, multiplication --GREAT!
aaaMath-Interactive math by grade level and subject
Discovery School-Brain Teasers
Stop Watch-online!
Mathplayground-Interactive math practice!
Online Calculator-
Fact Dash- flash card game
Counting Wolves- interactive activity
Britanica Math -interactie lessons by topic
ThatQuiz-interactive math site by topic
Central School District's Everyday Math Links
Everyday Math Links -Redmond School District
Polygon Match -Mathplayground-interactive concentration match name with shape
Polygons- Name the shape-AAAMath
Grand Prix-Multiplication Practice
BBC- Amoeba Multiplication Game - 2 digits

Arcademic Skills- Interactive drill practice -Addition-subtraction-multiplication-division

SPACE (Back to top)
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Senator John Glenn
The Nine Planets
StarChild: A learning center for young astronomers
Kid's Space
Amazing Space Web-Based Activities
Spacelink - Images of Uranus
Earth and Moon Viewer
Around the Solar System
Sun and moon data

Polar Regions (Back to top)
My Polar Page

Journey- Getting There
Antarctica Time line-
Cold Feet-No Heat Webquest

Arctic- forces of change
View Above Earth
Photo Gallery, World School - Antarctica
Arctic Wildlife
Penguins Around the World
The World of Penguins
Seaworld Penguins
National Geographic Video Adeile Penguins GREAT!!!

National Geo- Emperor Penguins
National Geo- Video on Orca Whales
National Geo- Blue Whales
National Geo- Wolverines pictures and facts
Polar Bears
Polar Bears- video on National Geographic ---GREAT
Mawson Station, Antarctica -Good View Cam
Antarctic Explorers: Roald Amundsen
Antarctic Explorers: Ernest Shackleton
Welcome to Australian Antarctic Program -Very good!
ANSMET - Why Antarctica?
Australian Antarctic Division -Good scientific files,experience amazing sounds/images- Go to Antarctic Experiences and  Amazing Antarctica
Contents for Kids' Resources, World School -Antarctica
Gateway to Antarctica - Home Page
Arctic Theme Page --Very good!
Discovery School--Salinity Lesson and many links
Antarctica Jokes
NSF--Antarctica Links
Fish Index
Perfectly Penguins
Volcanic Record
Why is Blue Ice Blue?
World Atlas-Antarctica
Explorer Project
Secrets of the Ice
Antarctica-The Frozen Continent on the South Pole
Polar WebSites-From Wiscasset, Maine
Antarctica School webquest by Jim Cornish
Destinations-Antarctica by Jim Cornish
Peril at the Poles
Why are there Dry Valleys?
World Atlas- Antarctica
Antarctic Connection- weather and facts
Polar Ice Melt-NRDC
Beneath the Waves- great video on the ocean and whales
Tundra- Fun Brain-Explains Tundra

Polar Exploration Links (Back to Top)
Polar regions
Earth and Moon Viewer
Glacier -Very good!
NOVA Online | Warnings from the Ice
NOVA Online | Ice Core Timeline The South Pole Adventure Web Page
Welcome to WhaleNet at Wheelock College, Boston
Roald Amundsen
Your Expedition--Ann Bancroft -good
Terraquest-Virtual Antarctica Good history
World Of Penguins-PBS
Weather Around the World-Wunderground
Weather Watch- Scholastic interactive weather maker- cute!!
Polar Bears Alive-ViewCam
Animals of the Arctic
Penguin Species-Great list for research!
abc Teach-penguin worksheets, pictures and facts

SOCIAL STUDIES (Back to top)
Plimoth 1621 Main page
The First Thanksgiving-Scholastic Interactive
WORLD magazine: November 1998 @
Welcome to the White House for Kids
Discovery Online, Welcome!
Today in History
History Channel Today in History
SurfNet This Day in History
September 11 World Pictures
Underground Railroad
Underground Railroad- Scholastic Interactive
Immigration-Scholastic Interactive
The Great Depression- pictures
America on the Move
Ben's Constitution
Schoolhouse Rock Constitution Site-nice song
Constitution Week
Electing a President
Elections PBS
TeacherPlanet Elections
Scholastic --Elections
Veteran's Day
Wreaths at Arlington Cemetary
American History Videos

Vietnam Site
Korean Site
World War II Timeline
Our Timelines.Com
World War I
Desert Storm
Wreaths Across America

Things You Should Know About Rainforests

Maine Foliage

Natural History Museum- Tree information
University of illinois- All About Trees-- a bit young- but show the life of trees-good
PBSKids - trees
Ohio Library- What is a Tree
Eco-kids- Tree Ring Study
Eco-kids- What is a tree

List of Trees and descriptions 2020website

NC --Search trees by name --
Energy Sources Videos
Wreaths Across America
Fun Brain- How leaves turn

Search Engines  and Resources(Back to top)
Quinura- kid friendly search engine
Worldbook Online
Kid Safe Web Search
Excite Travel
Kids Click
Homework Spot
AOL Kid's Search
Kid's Info
Zoom School--Enchanted Learning---Many Links
Fact Monster
Ask Jeeves for Kids
Blue Web'n Learning
Fossick Web Sites
Scholastic Kis' Page
Kid's World
Education World
Kid's Sites
Time for Kids
Worldbook Online
Virtual Salt- Robert Harris list of resources
Virtual Salt- literary terms
Tree Octopus - Internet Site Study


Reading Streets Vocabulary and Spelling Lists and Activities From Spelling City

NWEA practice -

Lewis and Clark- National  Geographic site
Lewis and Clark Interactive National Geographic
Lewis and Clark- Into the Unknown- PBS
Lewis and Clark Interactive Trail Map- PBS

Mr. Popper's Penguins
Adventures in Ancient Greece
Reading Street Activities
Reading Street Web Site Login
       Adelina's Whales link- Play the Whale Game
                                              Beneath the Waves

LANGUAGE (Back to top)
Language to Language -translations
OneLook- dictionary and translator
Six Traits Web site NNWP
Grandma Tucker's Rhymes and Tales
Crossword Puzzles for Kids
Find rhymes, synonyms, antonyms etc.
Aesop's Fables
America's Stories from Library of Congress
Fun with Words 
Kid's Mysteries
Book Adventure
Cricket Magazine
Dictionary .Com---lots of word games too
Harry Potter
Kidz Page
Windham Public Library
Wacky Web Tales
Word Hangman--great categories
Word of the Day
Author Chris Van Allsburg
Harris Burdick
Mysteries of Harris Burdick
Gramma Blast -Grammar Games by Topic
Grammar Help
Foreign Languages-kids can hear and see common words
Bruce McMillan
Sarah Palin and Tall-WebQuest
Song of the Trees- Mildred Taylor Biography
Vocabulary Fun-interactive puzzles
Writing Center-tips on writing essays
Word of the Day
Hedgehog Readers-Book Lists-Reviews
Typing Practice on-line
Poetry- Diamante Interactive and Print- Read-Write and Think
Poetry -Acrostic Interactive and Print -Read-Write and Think
Idioms- Interactive- Read-Write Think
Giggle Poetry
Kid's Place- Magnetic Poetry
Surfnet Poetry
Poetry For Kids

HOLIDAYS (Back to top)
Kid's Domain Holiday Index


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Web Sites:
Martin Luther King Jr. Activities-Eduplace
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Resources-Teacher Planet
Scholastic Quiz on MLK
Scholastic Acativities-links
Eduplace --more activities
Enchanted Learning Activities
ABC Teach Activities
WebTech Links for MLK
Seattle Times..MLK Speeches--very nice
Robert F. Kennedy's Speech on the death of Dr. Martin Luther King(History Channel-nice)
I have a Dream Speech
Underground Railroad- Scholastic Interactive Road to Freedom
National Geographic- Underground Railroad-choose your own ending

December Holidays-Christmas

Teacher Planet Holidays-Christmas
Teacher Planet Holidays-Kwanzza and Hanukkah
Sue LeBeau's Holiday Celebrations
Education World  Holidays
Merry Christmas in 300 languages
Enchanted Learning Holidays
Absolutely Christmas
Edtech Holiday Sites
Kathi's Holidays---at the bottom of this site is a list of countries and their celebrations
Christmas Crossword Puzzle on-Line
Musical Reindeer - interactive songs
Wreaths Across America

Halloween Pages
Halloween Riddles
Halloween Games
Halloween Math
Story of Halloween
Jack-O-Lantern's Net
Halloween On-line

Scholastic- online Thanksgiving Stories and activities
Plimoth Plantation
Mr. Turkey Fun
Indian Corn
Turkey Stories
Turkey Tales
All About Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Songs
Old Days
Thanksgiving Timeline
Native Americans
History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving - Scholastic Interactive

Abe Lincoln
Day of the Shadow
Groundhog Celebration
Valentine's Day Site

Flag Day
Flag Day  Activites

St. Patrick's Day
Irish Songs
Blarney Castle
St. Patrick's Day Activities
St. Patrick's Day Trivia
St. Patrick's Day Sites

STUDENT FUN (Back to top)

Back to School Crossword Puzzle
Cyber Safari Game
Claymation-may take a minute to load!
Education World-Monthly Calendars
Enchanted Learning
A Game a Day
Eduplace--Kids' Fun Stuff
Kids' Crossword Puzzles
FrankSchaffer Calendar
Harper's Children's Page
Jigzone ---Puzzles
ePals Classroom
Kid's Crafts
Scholastic News
Story of the Olympics
Sign Language-ASL Browser
Games Kids Play
Kids Crossword Puzzles
Get Smarter--Student Quiz in math and science
Mysteries to Solve
Quiz Hub-all subjects-interactive games
Funschool-Kaboose-interactive games and puzzles
Mastery  Club-see if you can answer the questions!
DLTK Crafts
Fact Monster
SuperKids Hangman
Typing practice on-line
Family Education Learning-quizes
Crossword Sample by Mrs. Morton

Eclipse Crossword Maker

Healthy You- Let's Go

Winter Olympics for Kids
Torino Cyber Hunt
Winter Olympic Events
NBC Olympics
Brainpop Olympics
Winter Olympics Activities
ABC Teach Olympics 2002
Olympics Through  Time
Thinkquest Olympic Games
Ancient  Olympics
Olympic Museum
Enchanted Learning Olympics
Teacher Planet Winter Olympics (coming soon)

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Parts of a computer- interactive for young students
Computer Parts-Kid's Domain
Computer Puzzle Pieces

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