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Welcome to our parent information page! Here you will find general announcements and informative resources related to our classroom activities. You can also read the Weekly Newsletter is sent home each Friday.

 The students will be keeping track of daily assignments in a new school assignment book. They need to have them signed every night. This gets them in the habit of keeping track of their work and a chance for you to see what they are doing daily. Fourth graders should spend 20 minutes every night studying or reading to develop good habits. They also need to be well rounded and get outside to play or get involved with an interest or hobby. If their homework is not done on time they will lose a recess and 7 points off their grade for the paper. If they miss papers often, I will contact you so that the situation can be resolved.

 The students will be keeping their papers in a three ringed notebook in sections under subject headings. Their notebook will be graded at the end of each quarter for organization, neatness and content. 

My reading program consist of a combination of novels, thematic selections and related basal stories. I encourage the children to read at home as well. They can keep track of time spent reading at home for our Dalmatian Reader's Club. I have a great selection of books in my room along with a large selection in our library.

 I enjoy having parents in the room visiting and helping. We have a lot of activities throughout the year in which I welcome parents to join in. Don't forget to check the schedule to see when our specials are, and please feel free to call me if you ever have any questions.


Mrs. Morton
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