Gobbler and Barney Out Smart the Hunter

By Mackenzie


            Gobbler and Barney were best friends ever of turkeys. But the hunter was looking for them, because he wanted them for Thanksgiving dinner. So Gobbler and Barney made a plan to out smart the hunter. The plan was to have the hunter come really close to them and they would fly into a tree because the hunter can’t shoot turkeys in a tree. That worked until the next day. Gobbler and Barney had to fly down to find food, because they were so hungry. They came down at the wrong time, because the hunter was in a treestand waiting for them to come down. So Barney called out to the hunter saying, “You don’t want to eat that gobbler, he will gobble at your dinner table”. Then Gobbler said “you don’t want to eat Barney, because he is not a real turkey, he was fake.”

            The hunter believed the turkeys because he wasn’t very smart. Gobbler and Barney were actually real turkeys and best friends.

The End



By Leroy Grubb


One cold November day George, the turkey flew into Grandpa Jones barn.Grandpa went in the house to get his gun. The turkey George flew off before the farmer came out. The farmer wanted no more pets in the barn or any more furry creatures on his land ever again.  He already had enough barn animals.

            George told the twelve other turkeys that Thanksgiving was coming.  George pleasantly suggested that they make a plan. “Let’s go and pretend we’re cows!  How do we do that? See that dead cow? We’ll take the skin off it and use it.”

            Farmer Jones was in the barnyard, feeding the pigs.  He called to his wife, Mrs. Jones. She came running out to see what was wrong.  Farmer Jones asked her, “Do you see that cow?  It looks like an old piece of skin! It must be very old!” 

            He aimed his gun at the top of the cow and shot it on the back. “Gobble! Gobble!” squawked the turkeys.  They all flew away over the barn and Farmer Jones and his wife had meatloaf for their Thanksgiving dinner.


Runaway Turkey

By: Mena Cushing

The storm grew stronger as a little barn in Chicago, Illinois had panics, screams, but most of all gobbles. It was getting near Thanksgiving and every year the Jenkins had a fresh turkey from there very own barn. The Jenkins weren’t the most polite people you’d ever meet. Mr. Jenkins owned a used car company and wasn’t a very nice man. Mrs. Jenkins never said anything nice and if she did it would have to be in your dreams. But there daughter however was a lovely young lady. Her name was Jen she was nine years old and loved going down to the barn and playing with the animals. She had always found an interest in the turkeys especially a turkey named Barney. They had four turkeys they used to have ten but they ate one every year. Barney was a new turkey Mr. Jenkins had found him on the side of the road and he remembered that he needed a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. The other turkeys were Zack, Henry, and Einstein. Zack was a turkey who liked to show off. One year Jen had got presents for all of the turkeys and Zack was so exited about getting his present that he unwrapped all of the presents and ended up getting coal. Henry was quite a stupid fellow. One year Mrs. Jenkins made pudding. She put it on the table to cool. Mr. Jenkins took Henry in for a dust bath he turned around to get his brush and Henry took off. He went down the stairs and found the pudding on the table. He climbed on the table stuck his beak in the magma hot pudding and gave out he loudest gobble he had ever given. Einstein was of course the smartest turkey there. One time Mr. Jenkins took her to a contest and she won best bird!

One day Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins were talking about what turkey to have for Thanksgiving dinner Jen overheard them talking and ran over to the barn to tell her friends. She let them out of the cage. Jen did not know it but Barney was a secret agent that helped turkeys escape from Thanksgiving dinner. They all quickly got in Barneys rocket which for some reason Jen had never noticed. Just like that they took off. Soon they hit water the rocket turned into a really fast boat but they wasted there fuel supply on the rocket. So they had to make fuel from scratch. Barney told them to each take ten of there feathers and put them in the fuel tank. Zack said he wasn’t even going to pluck one of his beautiful feathers. Barney told him that he could go down into the shark filled water. He quickly let him down. Zack grabbed the seaweed and swam up. Soon the boat was ready for launch. They strapped their helmets on. When they took off they went super fast. They went so fast that they flew.

They finally landed after an hour of flying three thousand feet high. When they landed they came to a place where turkeys were wearing tuxedos and ties. Henry now is the crash dummy while Zack tests the new weapons and still brags that he gets his face barbecued, Einstein makes the weapons. Barney is on a secret mission he’s saving the Richards thanksgiving turkey. The Jenkins haven’t eat turkey ever since Barney toasted Mr. Jenkins last Thanksgiving. How do you now my story is true because you’re eating Barney for Thanksgiving dinner. 


How The Turkey Escaped Dinner

By Shane  Eastup

                  The fog lifted from the Golf of Mexico on the cool Thanksgiving morning. I Billy the turkey was just minding my own business in the back yard of the Cobb’s house. I was walking and talking with my turkey friends Tyler, Jeffrey and Chester.

            Mrs. Cobb was picking flowers for the Thanksgiving table. Suddenly she slowly turned around and screamed at the top of her lungs! She yelled out to her husband and he was down stairs making a table for Thanksgiving dinner. So Mr. Cobb came outside and shot Billy the turkey with a shotgun. Billy’s friends ran into the woods before Mr. Cobb could shoot them. Mr. Cobb took Billy down stairs. Mr. Cobb was just getting ready to cut Billy then Billy jumped up and then Billy went out side and took off on his motorcycle and used Nitrous. Billy went far away then he met his friends at their secret hideout

            The reason that Billy didn’t die when he got shot by the shotgun is because he had an invisible bulletproof vest on. Billy and his friends did get away. So the Cobb family had to eat chicken for dinner. Billy and his friends were safe just until next year.


How The Turkey got saved

By Victoria

       On November24 a sunny Thanksgiving Day one special turkey will get eaten,… maybe? If he doesn’t get away! Now let me tell you the story of how he lives. Wait one moment. If he does live? Aha the farmer has found his turkey.

          Wait I forgot to tell you the farmer is my Uncle Ed. “ Wait don’t kill Bob”. “ Who is Bob?” “That turkey you have in your sight.” “This is our turkey dinner”.” No Uncle Ed, Bob is my friend” Then I had to tell Bob I would save him.

           So come with me quickly, Uncle Ed is coming. Then I grabbed Bob and I ran and ran. I opened the turkey gate and Bob said “come with us.” They all followed. I made a pen in the woods for all of them so that no one would be able to shoot them. Even though they are in private woods I didn’t want them to take any chances. The turkeys lived happily ever after. Uncle Ed wasn’t very happy because we had to eat stuffed bread made with bread and stuffing.


Get! that! Turkey!

It isn’t turkey THE NAME IS GOBBLES!!!

By, Andrew


It is November 24 2005 in the cold morning by the fire. I’m in my pen and my name is Gobbles and you don’t want to mess with me got that! The family that lives in the farmhouse was a mean family because they shot birds out of season. There is a dad, mom, 4 sisters, 11 brothers 2 cats and 17 dogs all in the same house!! I’m a nice turkey until you get to my bad side.

            I didn’t know what was going on and I was heading toward the fire! Of course I used my mega rifle launcher …BANG! I shot the roof, twigs and logs fell. I got away! So the family ate wood for Thanks giving.

The End!

The Dinner Party

By, Katlyn

            It was a dazzling, sunny, shiny & bright. Me Katlyn I will tell the true story of my life .It’s like this every year& we are on a boat to Peaks Island. The family that owns us is very nice .their name are Sherry, Alfred &Toby. my personality  is being me & hanging out. Dan on the other hand likes tv and being with friends.

            We over herd that they were going to us .We told the others. We where scared. We also herd they were keeping 20 turkeys they had dinner and did not take us we where so happy we did not take anyone we know so they ate then let us go.

The end

The  Most  Crazy  Thanksgiving  Ever

By, Austin

            It  is  Thanksgiving  morning  when  the  barn  door  flew  open.  Papa  said  to  the  turkeys  in  the  barn  “Oh  right  which  one  of  you  want  to  be  roasted  for  Thanksgiving!’  The  turkeys  started  to  squark  and  run  all  over  the  place.  Papa  reached  out  and  grabbed  a  turkey  for  Thanksgiving.  Papa  said  come  with  me  to  the  kitchen.  The  turkey  was  kicking  and  squaking  all  over  the  place.  Papa  took  some  rope  and  tied  his  arms  and  legs  together  so  he  would  be  quiet!

            Papa  threw  him  into  the  oven  and  the  turkey  had  no  way  out  of  it  this  time.  When  the  oven  timer  went  off  they  put  the  turkey  on  a  big  plate  the  turkey  no  idea  what  was  going  on.  When  Papa  took  a  knife  and  touched  it  he  moved  Papa  got  he  got  scared.  The  turkey  stood  up  and  took  off  his  special  heating  suit.  Papa  started  chasing  him  through  the  house.  The  turkey  the  keys  on  the  hook  and  jumped  up  and  grabbed  the  keys  and  unlocked  the  house  door.  Then  he  ran  outside  unlocked  the  barn  door  and  hopped  on  Papa’s  tractor  and  drove  down  the  street  and  drove  to  his  family.

            Papa  was  very  mad  that  the  turkey  escaped  so  he  decided  to  go  to  Mcdonald’s  instead  he  ordered  a  frie  cheeseburger  and  a  diet  .The  turkey’s  Thanksgiving  was  great  he  had  turkey  mashed  potatos  crane  berry  sauce  and  some  chocolate  milk  to.  This  is  the  end  of  The  Most  Crazy  Thanksgiving  Ever!  The  End!



The Thanksgiving Castle

By Damian

            It stopped snowing after we got 2 feet of snow the day before Thanksgiving. My mother, grandmother, uncle and I were at my house deep in the woods of Maine. We were outside on the front lawn, in the turkey pen, trying to catch the biggest, fattest bird we had. His name was Alfred and he did NOT want to get caught!  He was a nice bird but when we tried to catch him, he got mad and tried to peck us.  we were all in front of the fire

            We finally caught him after nine hours of running, jumping, diving and swinging the net.  It was time to go to bed when we got him inside.  When everybody went to sleep, I tiptoed downstairs and helped him get out of the bird pen in the cellar.

            My mom did not know what to say. My grand mom and my uncle were furious. And they all were mad that he got away.  I just giggled and smiled that he got away.  Now, instead of having turkey for dinner, we had my favorite sandwich my moms famous B.L.T.


Escape From the Castle

By Derek

It was in medieval times when a war was raging at Fort Turken when the men of the medieval realm where fighting for a turkey to capture for Thanksgiving .The King of Fort Turken told the Captain to pour gravy on the enemies.

Fort Turkens Captain of the Guards got captured in a cage made of turkey skewers. The Captain was very angry with this so he begged to be set free.

When the men of the realm got back to the castle they were about to throw the turkey in the oven when he jumped out of their hands and ran around the castle. But then he came to a dead end. He heard noise coming from all around. The men of the realm closed in on the turkey. The turkey felt a breeze of cold air coming from an open window right above him. He jumped up on the windowsill and flew out the open window.

The turkey army was marching across the swamp land to save the captain.  The captain ran out to meet them and then the turkey army marched back to Fort Turken.  The people of the realm just had pizza, hamburgers and swamp grass.


The End

Turkey Escape

By Jack

The last leaves were falling off the Varitek’s old oak tree as the turkeys were gobbling about how to escape this years Thanksgiving . Hi I am Jason Varitek(a MLB player for the red sox)in Boston Mass at my farmhouse behind my mansion. I have learned how to talk to the turkeys and I am going to try to help them survive Thanksgiving. I will introduce the turkeys. The one that is big is Alex and the one that is small is Tyler.

So Jason asked the turkeys what were they going to do for Thanksgiving this year. “I don’t know, Alex said, don’t you have a game tomorrow?”

what are you guys going to do this year? I don’t know…hey Jason don’t you have a game tomorrow? Yeah so what? Thanksgiving is in two days said Alex so you can leave us in the clubhouse. Or maybe we can help “Wally be the mascot. (Wally is the team mascot.) That’s a good idea. And I could buy a turkey from the store,but what am I going to do with you guys? Because if I bring you guys back Lisa is going to do something to me. (Lisa is his wife.) What is Lisa going to do? She is not going to come to my games. Maybe I can convince Terry Francona to let you be are good luck charms.

            On the day before Thanksgiving they went to the Red Sox game. Before that they went to the store. When Jason went into the store these two guys saw Alex and Tyler in the car. Hey instead of buying turkeys let’s take those turkeys so we can have them for free. Oh yeah well the door is locked…right? said Tyler I hope so. Look the best part is the door is not locked! Oh boy said Alex. Just then Jason came out. Hey what are you guys doing

?! Nothing, hey you are Jason Varitek! He is me favorite player. We are sorry that we tried to take the turkeys.

            When they got to the game Jason convinced Terry to le them be the good luck charms. In that game Jason hit a double, single, and a home run! After the game Jason said to Alex and Tyler you guys are good luck charms. They did not get eaten on Thanksgiving and the turkeys lived happily ever after.


The Ninja Turkeys


It was a very cold Fall day on Thanksgiving morning. The smell of pumpkin pie ran through my nose at the Smiths farm house. As all the ninja turkeys in Mr. Smiths barn were making up a plan to escape. They were going to dig a hole all the way out of the barn.

But first they needed to get shovels. So when Mr. Smith came in to pick one of them they would use there ninja skills to take Mr. Smith out.

It was about 6:30 in the morning when Mr. Smith came into the barn. Sam jumped out of the pen and used his ninja skills. Before you know it Mr. Smith was on the ground. Then Andrew, another one of the ninja turkeys, went in to get the shovels. Then when they got back, Sean and Hodge, the two last Ninja turkeys, started digging the hole but two other farmers knew Mr. Smith had turkeys.  They barged into the barn and grabbed Sam.  Hodge and Sean kicked and hit and took the two other farmers to the ground.  Then they finished the hole.  Finally, an hour later, it was done.  They escaped and never went back.  They never saw Mr. Smith again.

                                      The End

The Great Turkey Escape of Thanksgiving.

By, Joe

The last leaves were falling off the old oak tree in farmer Smith’s yard as the turkeys were gobbling two days before Thanksgiving, about a plan to escape the Farmer Smith making them Thanksgiving dinner.  Gil and his brother were making a plan to escape being Thanksgiving dinner. Their plan was to dig under the lakes that are full of ice and hide there until Thanksgiving is over.  They’re in the barn trying to find the equipment to escape.  They need a shovel, flashlight, a gun (just in case Farmer Smith finds them) and lots of wood, a window a door, and shingle to build their house underground! 

            They find everything that they need. No they need to find the frozen lake.  Then they make a silencer for the gun.  The turkey with the gun goes first. His name is Blast, he is in the front trying to sneak by the house.  When they get to the driveway, Clip (the turkey with his wings clipped) gets the truck because he knows how to drive.  Then he drives the truck with all the turkeys in the backend. 

            Soon they found they find Turkey Park nearby with a frozen pond in .  Then the twin turkeys (Dirt and Rock) start digging.  When  they finished digging, it was Thanksgiving morning!  Then Wood and Chip(two other turkeys) build the house underground.  They were all so happy, they went inside to check it out!! When they came back out to get some furniture, Farmer Smith came running down to catch them. But then, Blast took out his gun and blasted Farmer Smith with blanks to scare him off, so he wouldn’t mess with any other turkeys!!!

            Gil and all his brothers lived in their underground house and put up a sign that only turkeys could read.  It says, “This is a home for the turkeys that don’t want to be eaten for Thanksgiving. All that you need to do is go near the pond in Turkey Park and go near the old ruined truck and lay down and knock on the ground ten times then do the Hokey Pokey dance then knock on the back of the cap of the truck two times.  (P.S. just knock on the truck 2 times).Then gree will greet you.

The farmer Smith’s ate pumpkin pie for this thanksgiving. Then farmer Smith’s never ate turkey again. He also never bothered a turkey ever again and every time he saw one he cried like a little baby then when he walked away he stopped crying. The turkeys lived happily ever after.

Turkey Thanksgiving

By Joshua

One happy morning in a tiny farmhouse in Tokyo [Japan]. The people in the farmhouse were Leroy, Travis and Vicky.in  Travis’s farm were  a lot of turkeys. They were Ninja Turkey and his friends named, Spencer, Jack, Mike and Josh.    Spencer was the cool turkey, the one that got all the attention.  Jack was funny and makes jokes. Mike and Josh were stupid turkeys. Ninja turkey was the master mind.  He thinks of everything. Josh got picked to be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner, to get his head chopped off!. Travis the farmer picked him because he was juicy and fat. 

            Travis and Leroy tried to take the turkeys inside, but Ninja turkey slipped out of his arms He kicked Travis and Leroy.  Travis and Leroy let go of Mike, Josh, and Jack.  Ninja’s cousin, Jujitsu chicken , came to help them.  “Hi , Ninja Turkey,” said Jujitsu Chicken.  Now Leroy and Travis were mad because the turkeys were getting away. Leroy and Travis grabbed Josh and went to the kitchen.  They put Josh on the table.  Nija Turkey opened the door and saw Josh on the table and Jujitsu the Chicken kicking the knives off the table into the trash.  Vicky saw the last knife on the table, but Jujitsu the Chicken saw her and they both ran towards the knife but Jujitsu Chicken was faster and he got the knife. Vicky saw Jujitsu take the knife and throw it in the trash.  Josh was saved thanks to Jujitsu Chicken.  “Why did the turkey cross the road?” asked Jack.  “Why?” said everyone. “Because they were getting away from the farmers.”

            What happened to the family?  They ate corn instead of turkey for Thanksgiving.  What happened to the turkeys?  They went to a different farm with Jujitsu Chicken.  The guy wouldn’t eat any of them.  The farmer’s name was George.  He loved all animals.  The turkey, the chicken and the farmers got their ways and lived happily every after.


How the Turkey Escaped Dinner




            The aroma of apple pie tickled my nose as I Wingdra the turkey woke up on a pile of hay. The golden sunlight poured into the barn as I flew onto a post. It was 1988 the day before Thanksgiving.  I lived on a ranch with the Willdered family.  There were two twins, their parents and a cat.  The mom’s name was Trisha.  Dad’s name was Robert.  The sister was Floura, but she likes to be called Flower.  The brother’s name was Timothy, but he likes to be called Timmy and the cat is an orange fluff ball called Fluffanada.  The cat likes to chew on hair and when they found him, they thought he was a tumbling tumbleweed. 

 I’m Wingdra the turkey and I’m nice and friendly, but the Willdered family wants to eat me!  I talked to the other animals on the ranch and they told me to dress a chicken up like me.  I talked to Timmy and Flower about it.  They convinced there Robert to buy a chicken for tomorrow.  When they got home I dressed the chicken up like me and went to sleep.  The next day they ate the chicken instead of me. 

 I do that every year now and it works.  Timmy and flower are my friends and I live on the ranch for  the rest of my life.


The Escape of Gobble

By Nicole

The last leaves were falling as Mrs. McCallum was baking a pie while I, turkey Gobble was near the barn making a plan to escape being eaten by the McCallum family. In the McCallum family there were two children, nineteen cousins, and twenty one. aunts and uncles. I turkey Gobble is a very pretty 19 year old turkey. I love the color blue and I’m one of the fastest turkeys in my family.


The McCallum family was vary busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. Mrs. McCallum was doing all the decorations while she was whiting for the pie to be done. Spenser and Jack were two of the children in the family and they were raking the leaves in the back and front yard. And Mr. McCallum was hunting for a Turkey. When Mr. McCallum saw a good juicy turkey that was me Gobble he walked very slowly toward me but he stepped on a twig and I knew he was there. I ran as fast as I co0uld but I did not know that I was going towed the McCallum house. When I found a place to hide under the house I sat quite. I heard the door open and close and as fast as I could ran back into the forest.


At the McCallum family Mr. McCallum said that he did not catch a turkey. Instead of eating a turkey they ate their pie and some leftovers. In the woods I turkey Gobble was on my way back to find his friends. and tell them what happened to her if they were alive.

The End

The Turkey Who Escaped Dinner

By Robbie

It was a sunny day. The birds were chirping and farmer Jack and farmer Robbie were trying out their new Mustang G.T. down Hazard road at their farm. They were driving when they saw a turkey. He had a collar that said Spencer but call me Hodgey.

Spencer liked to play foot ball, basket ball, and base ball.

      So Jack and Robbie played foot ball then basket ball and then base ball. Spencer thought they were friends but Jack and Robbie just wanted him to think that they were. They took Spencer in side and put him on the cutting board Spencer thought they were playing a game. But when Robbie took a knife Spencer ran out the door and hopped in the Mustang. In the Mustang was a turkey named Austin on the floor on the gas peddle Spencer said STAND ON IT! So Spencer took the wheel. They took off at 350 miles an hour with nos

There Is a Turkey On The Loose!!

By Samantha

                        One beautiful Thanksgiving morning, I woke up to the smell of Thanksgiving breakfast. It is November 2005 up here in the country. Today is my hunting day! I am filled with joy! My brother is 8 years old, I am 10 and my mom and dad are ....I am not going to tell you because they are old. There was a knock on my door, it was my family, Ben my brother, my mom, and my dad. Breakfast is ready, they all said at once. Remember you guys, your cousins are coming and we need a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

            Do I have take brother hunting, asked Sam? Yes my mother answered. Ok, let’s go annoying brother! Hey! He yelled with a nasty look on his fire red face! Ben slammed the door on Sam’s finger. Ouch, she screamed! As she was coming to nail her brother but he was half way down the hill so she could not nail him. It about ten minutes to arrive. Quite Sam whispered. She tip toed over to the turkey. Got him! Said Sam with excitement! But when she saw the sad look on his face she stooped. She didn’t have the heart to kill the poor animal. When they arrived at their house with no turkey she could see the disappointed look spread across their parents faces. They heard something in the shed, nervously, having no idea what is was. It was the nice turkey!

            Right then they heard a car pull up. It was their cousins. Quick, Sam said quietly. Then my youngest cousin ran up to me with joy. I have not seen you in years! Said Kelly. I know said Sam happily! Then I said hi to my cousins and went to help Ben. Come on let’s go inside. Wait! We do not have a turkey. Hey, we can use this turkey and prentend that we had killed but we did not. Before we had dinner, I will take pictures of our family and you take the turkey. Come on Ben running their hardest. This time do not slam my fingers in the door smiling. Ok said Ben.

HEY, my dad said to my brother and me. Hi, we were just talking you no. we love each other. Yeah said dad concerned

            Then we sat down to eat, but not the turkey. Ok let’s eat the turkey said Kelly! Ah I wanted to take a picture of the family said Sam nervously. Then Ben said you do not have you take the picture with me because I have to cut the turkey said Ben. Ok, said  the family at different times.Ben took the turkey in Sam’s room. After the picture the family could not find Ben but like 2 minutes they found him in Sam’s room with the live turkey. Sam’s and Ben’s dad said what is thins doing in here? Well we can explain we fell in love with it wile we were hunting. Can we keep him for 3 days? Yes said Sam’s dad.

The Big Thanksgiving Dinner

By Spencer

            One extremely windy day, the crisp leaves were blowing hard at the Litteral’s house. The Litteral’s take everything literally so they say everything in proper English. They had a turkey barn behind their house ready for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was one day away. Everybody in Las-Vegas couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving night. The turkeys’ names are Hodgey, Josh Jack and Robbie. The first thing that Robbie said was, “I don’t want my head cut off and roasted for Easter!” ”Thanksgiving” Jack pleaded. The mean, scary, smelly and crooked farmer moseyed into the barn and zapped us for no reason. We all yelled with a big,”YYYOOOWWWSSSEEERRRSSS!”

            We all scrambled to the door, bulging out like a plump guy just saw chocolate. We ran as fast as an ostrich! Josh exclaimed, “I think he is chasing us.” ”He is chasing us!” Hodgey said. “Oh, I knew that.” Josh said trying to make everyone laugh. Hodgy Josh Jack and Robbie escaped. They saw two dirt bikes and two four-wheelers. Hodgey and Jack rid the four-wheelers and Josh and Robbie rid the dirt-bikes. Robbie wouldn’t stop pulling wheelies.

            The farmer’s daughter is Brooke Foss. She is a sneezball of fur. She isn’t one of the nicest people on earth. Once when she was playing with us, she took the microchip of the zapper and shook our hand it would zap us. It hurt. Brooke likes a kid named Mitchell. He is a computer geek but Brooke likes him anyway.

            The (what we call troopers) were heading to California when an out of state turkey came along. He said, “Eastclaw on the eastbay.””Wait I think I know this language.”  Jack answered back.  “Oobay claw of the easby?”  None of the other turkeys knew what they just said except the foreign turkey.  It meant to go east.  The foreign turkey was from Canada.  He got here with his motorcycle.  It was read with pink flames.  We all were heading east when the farmer grabbed us and was heading for the barbeque.  He barbequed us like a hamburger.  The farmer’s name was Jud Foss.  Jud brought us to the field where all of the tables were.  He served one turkey to each table.  There was a plastic turkey that was showed to represent Thanksgiving.  Then a sudden crash came from the other side of the meadow.  Everyone gasped like some guy just stole $1,000,000 from the bank!  Mitchell jumped out of the bushes and took the plastic turnkey thinking that it was his pet Hodgey.  He jumped over the tables and chairs and barhopped a baby.  The whole place was laughing after he was out of sight.  Hodgey, Josh, Jack and Robbie all ran with Mitchell.  Mitchell really was a distraction to keep the eyes on him.

            For the rest of Thanksgiving, they had cranberry sauce and bacon!  Hodgey, Josh, Jack and Robbie grew heads and lived in a $5,000,000 mansion with 160 acres.  They lived happily ever after!

                                                       The End

Fast Turkey

By Travis

            12 turkeys were running through the woods on a cold November day. It was Wednesday but you know that. The turkeys ran from California and coming to Maine. I was in the woods waiting for the turkeys. I was going to shoot one for Thanksgiving dinner. My family was counting on me.

            I had a turkey in my sight, I was going to get one! So I hunted until it was almost dark. Then I heard some gobbles and turkeys were running right by me! I shot! I missed and I shot again! Missed! I can’t believe it I missed! Well I’ll go home. They looked like they were laughing at me!

            I shot! I got his wing! Well I went home and stuck him in the oven. BOOM! He shot out ova the oven!





Class of 2003-2004


Terrence the Turkey‘s Big Plan

By Tulleigh

      The door to the barn at the Billy Bo Turkey Farm, Inc. swung open with a thud. Billy Bo Thornton came stomping in. He was the owner of the Billy Bo Turkey Farm, where he got to be where he is today with the assistance of his wife, Betty Bo, son Trigger and daughter, Sally. The Thornton Family had long been hillbillies that lived in the countryside in Arkansas. They were not the sharpest tools in the shed. Trigger tended to be a bit smarter than Sally and his parents.

“It’s only three days till Thanksgivin’, and one o’ ya’ll is gunna be my dinner! Which one should it be?” hollered Billy Bo. He trundled over toward the other half of the barn where the ‘sellers’ lay in peace and quiet. There were 500 turkeys on the farm in all. There were two groups of turkeys, the ‘egg layers’ and the ‘sellers’.

     “Eenie, meenie, minie mo, catch a turkey by the toe, if he hollers, he’s my dinner. Y, O, U are it,” he laughed as he pointed straight at a big fat turkey named Terrence. Terrence was a nerdy looking turkey with glasses. He was called “egghead” by some of the other turkeys. Terrence was the smartest turkey on the farm. He had two best friends named Gobble and Beakie. Terrence and his friends were ‘sellers’.

     Billy Bo laughed as he stomped back out of the barn, slamming the door shut. Terrence jumped back, gasping, “Oh no, I can’t believe he picked me! This can’t be happening. I thought I was a ‘layer’!”

     Terrence and his friends gathered together to figure out what to do, now that they realized they would be the ones eaten that year. Terrence came up with a plan to escape from the barn. He made a giant slingshot that would sling he and his friends from the barn window over the roof of the house. The slingshot was made from a feeding trough and some old suspenders of Billy Bo’s that were being used to keep a window shut. He set his timing to land right into a truck that did the daily milk delivery out front of the house. Once they were far enough down the road, they were to jump off and run into the woods.

The plan worked perfectly. Terrence, Butch and Gobble escaped over the house and onto the truck. They headed down the road.

While Terrence and his friends were riding down the road, however, the other turkeys discovered the slingshot. They all started to fling themselves over the house as well. They landed on the front side of the house, but the delivery truck was gone. They began falling like mad in the front lawn, hundreds of them.

The Thornton family came outside and looked around, confused. Billy Bo put his hand out and said, “Must be rainin’, Betty Bo. Crazy weather we’re having, huh? The weatherman said it would be rainin’ cats and dogs today, but instead, it’s rainin’ poultry! I don’t get it.”

Trigger looked around and replied, “There’s something fishy about these turkeys. I think they are ours, Pa!”

The Thorntons started jumping all around trying to tackle the turkeys but there were too many of them and they all raced off into the woods.

So the Thorntons ended up with no turkeys to sell for Thanksgivin’ and none for themselves either. They tried to make a turkey out of mashed potatoes, but it just kept collapsing.

Terrence, Gobble and Beakie met up with all the other turkeys in the woods the day after Thanksgiving. They laughed so hard at the idea of the Thorntons running around with all the turkeys falling from the sky.

Then overhead they heard a loud whirring sound. A space ship landed and two aliens stepped out in front of the turkeys. One turned to the other and said, “Oh, look at those little feathery things with useless wings. I’ve heard about them. They’re supposed to taste just like chicken.”

Terrence, Gobble and Beakie ran behind a bush while the others were abducted in a beam of light into the spaceship. “Boy, that was close!” yelled Gobble.

The three friends went into the forest where they lived for many years. They entertained all their new friends with stories of the day it rained turkeys at the Thornton farm.

The End



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Donna Morton

Copyright Windham School Department