Mrs. Morton's Class
Manchester School
Windham, Maine

Our 4th grade class has had fun learning about Maine Animals. They have scrambled the letters to animals for your to unscramble and solve! Check out the answers below.

  1. npie ntirma
  2. musosop
  3. inobr
  4. gcoanodsaenai
  5. seweal
  6. telidpea opoedwcekr
  7. dlba geale
  8. elturt
  9. erppe
  10. hpicunmk
  11. ebevar
  12. argert kesna
  13. turamusk
  14. octabb
  15. eragterage
  16. labkc rabe
  17. tcotntoila

Click here to download Animal Word Searches created by some students. Print them out and take the challenge!!
1. By Olivia
2. By Jordan S.
3. By Jade

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Pine Marten




Pileated Woodpecker

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Painted Turtle



 Garter snake





 The Great Egret

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Canadian Goose