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APRIL 2008


Test Date:   June 7          Registration Deadline:  May 6

ACT DEADLINE Test Date:  June 9           Registration Deadline:  May 4  

We would like to announce your college acceptances!  Stop by Student Services and share the good news!  


  • Application for Local Scholarships is due by April 18th!  Student Aid Report (SAR) from your FAFSA Report should be turned in as soon as possible!  All college bound students are encouraged to apply!!
  • May 1 is the traditional deadline for notifying colleges of your decision to attend.  If you need additional time (for example, you haven't received all of your financial aid offers), see your counselor for assistance.
  • Be sure to notify colleges if you are not planning to accept their offer of admission.  That opens up spaces for other students who may be on the waiting list!
  • Please notify the Student Services Office if you receive a scholarship from a college or other organization.
  • Let Mrs. Marston know which college should receive your final transcript.


Check your March  bulletin for more scholarships with May 1st deadlines. Please take advantage of the opportunity to apply for the scholarships listed in these bulletins!  REVIEW THE MARCH BULLETIN FOR ADDITIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS!!   Quality Child Care Education Scholarship Program Amount: Cover cost of 2 courses per semester or $500/course maximum. Eligibility: Planning to major in Early Childhood Education at a 2 or 4 year program. Deadline: Rolling/As soon after May 1st as possible  Call FAME Maine at 1-800-228-3734 x 306   Joseph W. Asali Memorial Scholarship/Maine Journeymen, Inc. Amount:  $1,000 Eligibility:  Must have a GPA of B or better.  Complete essay on the following topic:  "What does the Joseph W. Asali Scholarship mean to me?" Deadline:  April 30   WGME 13 Growing Maine Scholars Contest Amount:  $1,500 Eligibility:  Write a 300-500 word essay entitled:  "What I want to be when I grow up." Deadline:  April 28   Cumberland County Medical Society Amount:  3 @ $1000 Eligibility:  Graduation seniors who plan to continue their education.  Must write an essay on the topic:  "Should contraceptives be dispenses in school without parental knowledge?  List Pros and Cons" Deadline:  April 28   Windham Land Trust Scholarship Amount:  $1000 Eligibility:  Planning to study in environmental science or related area of science.  Write an essay on the topic, "It is important to preserve land for generations?  Why or why not?" Deadline:  April 28 — Submit essay to Student Services   Windham Youth Football Amount:  $500 Eligibility:  Football Player Deadline:  Application due into Student Services by April 30th   Daniel Cardillo Charitable Fund Amount:  Based on financial need Eligibility:  Planning to attend college or to attend inspirational, educational and/or leadership programs and art, music or athletic program, and have a demonstrated compassion for others. Deadline:  May 1  — www.danielcardillo.com   Guy P. Gannett Scholarship Fund Amount:    varies Eligibility:  attend post-secondary education who are pursuing a degree in journalism or a field reasonably related. Deadline:  May 1 — www.mainecf.org       South Portland Fireman's Relief Association Memorial Scholarship Amount: $250 Eligibility: Must be a child or grandchild or current, retired permanently disabled, or current call career fire service personnel who had at least 10 years of active service within the South Portland Fire Department. Deadline: May 1   Maine Food Service Association Scholarship Amount: Varies Eligibility: Available to students pursuing a degree in food service, nutrition or food service management. Deadline: May 1   Windham Athletic Boosters Scholarship Amount: $500 Eligibility: Any senior who has participated in athletics at the high school level. Deadline: Return to Student Services by May 15   Raymond Lions Club Scholarship Eligibility: Raymond resident, based on financial need and participation in activities and/or community service or employment. Deadline: May 15 —Contact the Raymond Town Offices   Maine Graphic Arts Association Scholarship Amount:  Varies Eligibility:  Must be planning to attend a post-secondary institute studying a Graphic Arts/Printing program. Deadline:  May 15   Windham-Gorham Rod & Gun Club Amount:  $300 Eligibility:  Any graduating senior is eligible to receive this scholarship.  Simply write a letter to the Secretary of the Club telling a little bit about themselves and their aspirations for the future. Deadline:  Received in their office by May 15  Mail letters to:   Jerry Murray, PhD., Secretary Windham-Gorham Rod & Gun Club, 8 Tow Path Road, Gorham ME 04038   Annie Akers Bremon Scholarship Amount:  $2,500-5,000 Eligibility: Resident of Windham, have completed application for local scholarships and submitted a copy of Student Aid Report from your FAFSA  must be in the top 20% of the senior class, and write an essay of 250-500 words describing your college and career goals and why you feel you should be selected for this scholarship. Deadline: Essay should be submitted to Student Services no later than May 16.   Daniel E. Lambert Memorial Scholarship Amount: Based on financial need Eligibility: Parent must be a veteran.  Student must be enrolled in or attending an accredited college or vocational technical school and have demonstrated through letters of recommendation that he/she is of good character and believes in the American way life. Deadline: May 1  —www.mainelegion.org    American Legion Children and Youth Scholarship Amount:  7 @ $500 Eligibility:  Based on financial need and character. Deadline:  May 1 — www.mainelegion.org   The Maine American Legion Past Commander's Club James V. Day Scholarship Amount:  $500 Eligibility: Parent must be a current member of an American Legion Post in Maine.  Student must be enrolled in or attending an accredited college or vocational technical school and have demonstrated through letters of recommendation that he/she is of good character and believes in the American way of life.\ Deadline: May 1   National Association of Women in Construction  Maine Chapter No. 276 Scholarship Amount: $500-1,000/Renewable Eligibility: Any male or female seniors who have enrolled in a post-secondary program in a construction related course. Deadline: May 1   Stephen Philips Memorial Scholarship Amount:  Varies Eligibility:  Essay Required Deadline:  May 1   Maine Vietnam Veterans'/Lest We Forget POW/MIA/KIA Scholarship Fund Amount: $1,000 Eligibility:  Must be a descendent of a Vietnam veteran and pursuing post-secondary education. Deadline: May 2   Science Department Scholarship Amount:  $500 Eligibility:  Must be a science or science related major in college.  Applications are available in the Student Services office and must be returned to Student Services. Deadline:  May 12   Windham Performing Arts Alliance Amount:  2 @ $1000 Eligibility:  Must be either major or minor in Music or Theater.  Applications available in Student Services and returned to Student Services. Deadline:  May 17th   Southern Maine Women's Golf Association Amount:  6 @ $1000 Eligibility:  Given to deserving women who have participated in some aspect of the game of golf. Deadline:  July 15, 2008   Tuition Waivers Amount:  Cost of tuition at 2-4 year public college in Maine or Maine Maritime Academy. Eligibility:  Adopted or foster child, or child of law enforcement, firefighter, EMI killed in the line of duty. Deadline:  none    
  • If you are interested in becoming a paramedic, the Paramedic Training Institute offers a comprehensive 14-month program including 1,400 hours of field experience and over 300 hours of clinical education.  Further information is available in the Student Services office.
  • Two week summer service opportunities: Contact Landmark Volunteers, 413-229-0255 or www. volunteers.com.  Further information also available in the Student Services office.
  • Don't forget to check the board in the Student Service office for summer job opportunities.
  Think you might want to take a "gap" year between high school and college? Check out www.takingtimeoff.com. Also www. whereyouheaded.com (fee based).     The Maine Apprenticeship Program offers apprenticeships in a wide variety of occupations, such as the trades, business, health, education, communications, etc.  A list of current apprenticeship occupations is available in the Student Services office. FAME an independent state agency, administers a variety of loan, grant and scholarship programs ass part of its overall mission to strengthen and improve Maine's economy.  If you have not received a copy of the Financial Aid Toolbelt, pick one up in the Student Services office!   ***For questions or concerns about organizations offer student financial aid, call FAME AT 1-800-228-3734 or visit their web site at www. Famemaine.com.   ***Fox examples of scholarship myths and scams and to access the free database, visit www. wiredscholar.com.  Also good site for college search.   Do not forget to submit your local scholarship application.  Applications are available in the Student Services Office. Deadline:  April 18, 2008 Don't miss your chance to be eligible for thousands of dollars of local scholarship money!!      WINDHAM AREA SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE:  (Chosen by their own committee — not affiliated with the WHS Local Scholarship Application)

Windham Land Trust Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Eligibility: Planning to major in Environmental Science or related field.  Must write an essay entitled: "Is it important to preserve land for future generations?  Why or why not?" 

Deadline: Essays should be submitted to the Student Services Office by April 28th.


Windham Youth Football Scholarship

Amount:  Varies

Eligibility: Must have played football or manager for at least one season, planning to attend 2-4 yr college. 

Deadline: Return application to Student Services by April 30th.


Sebago Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce

Amount:  $750

Eligibility:  Student must complete an application and reside in the Chamber area.   Applications available in the student services office.

Deadline:  April 30


Mechanics Savings Bank

Amount:  2 @ $1000

Eligibility:  Any WHS Senior planning on attending a 2 or 4 year college, has a high school gpa of 85 or better for 3 years and be in good standing.  Also have demonstrated community service and be of good moral character.  Applications submitted to Mechanics Savings Bank.  FMI:  Student Services.

Deadline:  April 30


Richard Nickerson Scholarship Amount:   $1,000 Eligibility:   Must be currently involved in a WHS Choral program.  Must be planning to attend a 2 or 4 year college program.  Short Essay required — see guidance office for additional criteria. Deadline:  May 1 — Turn essays into student services  

WHS Science Scholarship

Amount:  $500

Eligibility:  Any WHS Senior can apply for this scholarship.  Applications available in Student Services.

Deadline:  May 12—Turn applications into Student Services


MacKinnon Family Scholarship

Amount:  $2000

Eligibility:  Any WHS Senior who plans on attending a community college, a technical or vocational school or some type of job training program.  Preference will be given to a student who exhibits a determination to succeed, a solid work ethic and well established goals.  This student must need financial aid. 

Applications available in Student Services

Deadline:  May 15, 2008


Windham Athletic Boosters Club Scholarship

Amount:  4 @ $500/2 boys-2 girls

Eligibility:  Any WHS Senior who has participated in athletics is eligible for this scholarship. 

Application required and it is available in Student Services

Deadline:  May 15 — turn application into Student Services

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GAP YEAR? Is taking a year off before starting college or a career right for your teen?  It could be.  Your teenager might still be trying to decide what she wants to do, or maybe she needs to earn money before enrolling in college.  Have her consider these points as she makes her choice: Will taking a year off hurt your chances of getting into college?  Probably not.  In fact some schools encourage students to take a "gap year."  You apply for college first, and then request a deferment. Hint:  Check out the deferment policies of the colleges you've selected before you apply. Set a goal for what you want to accomplish during your time off.  Examples: learn how to be more independent, do community service work, explore a career interest. You should also have a backup plan in case your first option doesn't pan out.  For example, if your plan to travel abroad to help children learn English is too costly, you might volunteer to tutor children in your hometown or in a nearby city. Explore the wide variety of volunteer program, career-oriented internships, and travel opportunities available before making your decision: · Look online at www.gapyear.com and www.takingoff.net.  Both Web sites list a wealth of options in the United States and aboard. Teens who are interested in traveling can also explore different programs at Global Crossroad (www.globalcrossroad.com). · Check out books such as Taking Time Off by Colin Hall and Ron Lieber, and Planning Your Gap Year: Hundreds of Opportunities for Employment, Study, Volunteer Work, and Independent Travel by Nick Vandome. · Volunteering with AmeriCorp (www.americorps.org) can give you training and experience in many areas, including disaster relief and literacy. · Teens looking for job internships can search all 50 states at http://internships.wetfeet.com/SearchInternships.asp   Finances an issue?  Consider working for six month to earn money to cover travel or volunteer time for the second half of your "year off." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Attention Athletic Booster Parents: If you have volunteered your required time as a Booster member and feel you are eligible to present your senior athlete with their cord(s) at the Spring Banquet, please contact Janet Morrell by May 1.  If your time has not been verified with them prior to this date, you will not be presenting your athlete with their cord(s) the evening of the banquet.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q  What are my chances of being accepted off a wait-list?   A  You don't know.  The colleges don't know.  And, there is no way for either of you to guess your odds at this point.  A college may take 100 students off their wait-list or they may take none.  They don't know.  And, looking at how many students they took off the wait-list last year really doesn't help much.  The only thing you and they do know is that if you don't reply to their wait-list offer, and if you don't show a lot of interest in attending their school, your chances of being accepted off their wait-list are very slim. I think if you polled 100 guidance counselors this year you would hear about a larger number of students being wait-listed than in the past.  That is probably true, but the same poll would probably show each same results in each of the past ten years.  More colleges are wait-listing more students. Many students apply to five or six colleges.  Many students are accepted at three or four of these colleges.  That means the students tell two or three of these colleges that accepted them that they, the students, will not be enrolling at that college.  So, colleges must accept more students than they have beds or desks to fill.  How many more?  That is what keeps admissions people up at night.  The wait-list helps them sleep. College admissions directors make their most educated guess at how many students will say yes to the college's acceptance offer.  It is only a guess.  If they are off, that is where the wait-list comes in.  You don't' know your chances of getting in off the wait-list unless, perhaps, the admissions person has said you are at the top of their list.  That means your chances are better than all the others on the wait-list, but you and the college still don't know whether there will be any openings after all the accepted students have responded. So, what do you do if you want to be accepted off the wait-list?  You almost always send in an enrollment deposit to your second choice, and then hope to hear from the college that wait-listed you sometime in May or later.  If you aren't accepted off the wait-list, you are enrolled at your second choice.  If the wait-list works out, you lose your enrollment deposit, which isn't fun.  This is all standard operating procedure.  You do not need to feel dishonest about doing this. What can you do to improve your chances of getting accepted off the wait-list?  In their wait-list letter to you, they asked you to let hem know if you are interested in staying on the wait-list.  If you are interested, be sure to respond quickly and clearly.  Write them a letter saying you are still very interested and would attend if accepted.  If the college is truly your first choice, be sure to tell them.  What colleges don't want to do is accept a student off the wait-list only to find out that the student will enroll elsewhere.  It happens, but colleges try to avoid it.  Include in your letter updated information to give them a reason to change their mind—an updated transcript; new test scores; a new list of activities, achievements and/or awards;  a new recommendation; a new, short personal statement. A few days after you mail this, make a phone call to the admissions director, your interviewer, or the admissions representative in charge of your region.  Tell them you really want to attend!  Tell them it is your first choice!  Then ask them what you can do to help your chances of being admitted off the wait-list. So, respond with a letter and a phone call.  Don't sound desperate.  Do sound confident.  And, let them know you would enroll if accepted.  Don't hesitate to make another follow-up phone call in a few weeks.  Just be polite; don't be pushy. Some colleges "rank" their wait-list students, so you can get a slight sense of your chances.  Some colleges start over and take a fresh look at the pool of wait-listed students who have expressed an interest in enrolling.  Sometimes, an acceptance just goes to the good kid who seems very interested … and just called.