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Our Philosophy

The Student Services Department believes that each student is unique in his/her intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.  We are committed to providing academic programming, career education, consultation, support and management of  all students.  We encourage parental involvement in all aspects of our program.

How to Contact us

892-1810 ext 456 or 429     Fax: 892-1813


Stephanie Bubier   sbubier@RSU14.org

Janet Caner           jcaner@RSU14.org

         Betsy Stout            bstout@RSU14.org       

Farausi Cherry        fcherry@RSU14.org

Social Worker:  Doug Daigle      ddaigle@RSU14.org

Secretary:  Sue Marston         smarston@RSU14.org

Secretary:  Mary Schwartz:   mschwartz@RSU14.org 


Caseloads 2010-11