Accessing Student desktop (VMware –virtual desktop)


What it is?

This webpage allows you to connect to a server at RSU 14 where you will have access to the same Literacy and Math programs your child uses in school. Reading Literacy programs include: Lexia, ReadingStreet and ReadAbout. Math Literacy programs include: Fastt Math and IXL.  Being a virtual computer means that all the programs you are running are actually running off the districts server and not your computer or device.

Why use it.

It allows you to access your student stored files and student programs from anywhere you have an Internet connection.  This is a great way for students to continue working from home on school projects, lessons, and readings.

What do you need?

Your child’s teacher can provide a username and password to log in with.

Where do I start?

Click this link to log into  The Student Desktop

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